About us

Jonas Svensson – (piano_jonas)
(Founder and technical admin of rc-museet.com)

I work as piano tuner and technician and run my own workshop in Ekhorva, Sweden. I got my first RC-car in 1986 a Thunder Tiger Challenger with a VECO 21 engine. I sold my RC-cars in 1992 and rediscovered the hobby first in 2007. Today I collect on nitro cars made before 1985.

Kenneth Garpebo – (tomolupus)
(Rc-Savant and know it all)

I work with maintenance in Järna, Sweden.
I bought my first rc-car in 1992 a Kyosho Aerostreak that I still have.
I have been collecting since the late 90:s.
I collect any rc car older than 1996.